Yarra River Project – Macro-Invertebrates

Working in partnership with Maroondah Council, Melbourne Water, Waterwatch and the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group, 3rd Croydon Scouts are actively working to improve the health of the Yarra River.

IMG_6989Scouts from 3rd Croydon are taking to the river in canoes to seek out and remove litter, find ‘hotspots’ where litter accumulates after rains and to take samples of water to measure the health of the aquatic ecosystem.


Recently, Melbourne Water and 3rd Croydon Scout Group held an event focussed upon learning and undertaking Macro-Invertebrate sampling and analysis. The many varieties of Macro-Invertebrates which are found in our Rivers and Waterways are important indicators of overall River health and information from surveying for the ‘Bugs’ is used to inform the Waterwatch Program.


“Through a ‘Hands on’ approach Scouts enjoyed looking for, counting and learning about the various species they encountered. ‘Learning by Doing’ is the Scouts way and the kids came away from the day full of excitement and stories about some of the unusual creatures they found” Frank Courtney – LIC 3rd Croydon.


With their new skills, the Scouts from 3rd Croydon will be undertaking further sampling and Macro-Invertebrate analysis as they undertake future litter removal expeditions along the Yarra.

3rd Croydon is proud to be supporting the Waterwatch program and greatly appreciates the support of Melbourne Water in developing new skills in our Youth members.

This project was funded through the Victorian Government’s Cleaner Yarra River and Port Phillip Bay Litter Hotspots Program.