Survivor 2013 – Results!

The Survivors for 2013

The Survivors of 2013


The 2013 Survivor-Camp saw 12 patrols from 10 different troops taking part, and we welcomed scouts from Eltham, Moe, Doncaster and Narre Warren who were on their first Survivor-Camp.

This year’s camp had a Wild West theme, with patrols earning keys, one of which would open a treasure chest of prizes at the end of the camp.

Hay!  Cactus! Keys!

Hay! Cactus! Keys!

The first night saw patrols designing team flags and coming up with a Patrol name. This was followed by the first challenge that saw patrols taking part in a giant Treasure Hunt to find the Treasure Chest.

The next few days saw patrols compete in Puzzles, Obstacles Courses, Quizzes, Constructions Challenges, Archery, Memory Challenges and many more.  Highlights included the traditional Food Eating Challenge. Each patrol spun a Prize Wheel and then had 2 minutes to eat a plate full of whatever they spun up on the wheel. Foods included Marshmellows, Watermelon, Weet-Bix, Asparagus, Sardines, Scorpions and Haggis.

Unluckily for the Dark Green Patrol, they spun up Haggis first, and were unable to finish the plate of Haggis within the 2 minute time limit.  Scorpions was the other food that had scouts worried, but one member of the White Patrol managed to eat 4 to herself!

Maybe something good, maybe something bad.

Maybe something good, maybe something bad.

The popular Pole Standing Challenge returned with 2 scouts from each patrol representing their patrol, required to stand on a fence post, for as long as possible. Leaders and Venturers managed to tempt some scouts off with chocolate and pizza but a few stubborn scouts refused all temptations. In the end the last 2 scouts jumped off after 4 hours and 55 minutes and both collected a key for the Dark Blue and Light Green patrols.

Another popular challenge was our Slip N Slide challenge. Before the challenge, we filmed a Harlem Shake video, which was a highlight for many of the scouts on the camp. The Slip N Slide challenge was a lot of fun for everyone afterwards, with scouts having to run uphill on the slippery slide, avoiding beach balls being thrown at them.

The final 2 challenges were a Quiz about the camp, which scouts were warned about on the first night, and some prepared patrols had taken notes. The final challenge was a classic Survivor-Camp challenge called 2nd Chance which was an Obstacle Course made up of previous challenges scouts participated in during the camp. It started with 3 members of the patrol strapped together in a Legged Race style, collecting a puzzle and returning to their patrol. Once the puzzle was complete 1 team member raced over to a table where they had to eat a Hot Pepper which was one of the food items in the Food Eating Challenge. Once they ate the Pepper, they were given a locked wooden box and a set of questions they must answer in order to work out the combination. They raced back to their patrol who had to answer the questions correctly in order to unlock their wooden box, which had a set of wooden tiles with symbols and shapes on them, that teams had to recreate a pattern using the tiles.

Once the tiles had been arranged correctly, the patrols ran over to collect their patrol flag, and run to the finish mat and push down on a TNT Box, with the first patrol setting of a confetti cannon.

All 12 patrols ended up with at least 1 key meaning everyone had a chance of opening the treasure chest.

The winnings!

The winnings!

One at a time, each patrol then had the opportunity to try their keys on the locked Treasure Chest.

In the end it was Key #14, selected by the Orange Patrol (3rd Ringwood East) that opened the Treasure Chest!

The winning patrol!

The winning patrol!

At the final presentation each scout received a showbag and certificate.

Kristina from the White Patrol (Narre Warren) and Nathan from the Light Green Patrol (Eltham) were announced as the Best Competitors for 2013 and each received a medal and prizes from Snowgum at Mitcham who were our major sponsor in 2013, and we thank them for their continued generosity. Survivor Camp 2013 was also sponsored by Plaza Cinemas Croydon, Uplift Events and Cadbury in Ringwood.

Congratulations to all scouts for an amazing effort during the whole camp and a huge thankyou to the Venturers and Leaders who helped run the camp. A Special mention must go out to Badger who catered the whole camp and prepared all the meals!

Campfire Night

Campfire Night

Here’s looking to the 15th Survivor-Camp in 2014. – For all enquiries please contact James on

Outwit Outplay Outlast.

James Atkinson.

Survivor-Camp Sheriff.