Fee Structure.

New members pay a pro rata of the annual Membership Fee, based on the date of joining, siblings already in 3rd Croydon Scouts, and whether parents are involved as leaders or Committee members.

Fees 2014
Joining Date Child 1 Child 2 Child 3
1/7 to 30/9 $260 $220 $180
1/10 to 31/12 $200 $170 $140
1/1 to 31/3 $150 $130 $110
1/4 to 31/5 $100 $90 $80

The full annual fee becomes due from 1/7.

Along with the annual membership fee, 3rd Croydon Scouts charges a refundable Fundraising levy of $50 per family. This levy is refunded back to families who take part in group fundraising activities such as sausage sizzles during the year.


More details will be provided in the new member pack or with your fees invoice.