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Bunnings BBQ

3rd Croydon would like to thank the many people who supported our recent Sausage sizzle fundraiser at Croydon Bunnings last weekend. With great support from our wonderful Group families, we came away with $1900 in much needed funds which will go a long way towards improving and maintaining our facilities.


Rollerskating Friday 7.30pm Baywater

Hi everyone
Reminder that Cubs this week is on Friday night at the Rollerskating Rink in Bayswater. Wear your uniform. Entry is $10.00 and $3.00 inline skate rental or $2.00 normal skates. Hope to do a cheaper deal, ie. family rates.
It will be Akela and Baloo’s last official night so lets make it special.

Jamboree 2013

The 23rd Australian Scout Jamboree dates have been set for 2nd- 12th January 2013. Venue: Maryborough QUEENSLAND

The group committee has organised an information night at the Scout Hall on Friday 6th May at 9pm (for approx half hour). The scout leaders have all attended Jamborees in the past, and can tell you the scouts are in for an awesome time. They will pop into the meeting to answer any questions, or feel free to speak to them at any time.

3rd Croydon Scouts in Troop 206 at AJ2004

The other purpose of the meeting is to establish a parents sub-committee which will be responsible for organisation of fundraising events over the next 18 months. In the past the cost of the Jamboree has been fairly expensive and fundraising efforts for the last Jamboree helped parents of scouts attending to alleviate the total cost. At this stage final costs have not been advised, however this is the time to get started.

Don’t forget, there are minimum requirements all scouts must meet to be eligible to attend a jamboree, these are:

  • 10 nights under canvas with 4 consecutive nights (in the scout section, cub experience does not count)
  • achieve their Pioneer (big red) badge, that’s 3 target badges, a patrol activity and a challenge badge

There’ll be more information over the coming months, but if your Scout (or older cub who will be eligible) is interested in going, please come to this introductory meeting!

Venturers in Vic Flood Areas

On joining the Scouting movement, young people promise to Help Other People. Along with venturers from around the

state, our 3CV venturer unit put their Scout Promise into action during the recent flooding in Victoria. Venturers were involved in many aspects of the town’s recovery, from doorknocking with Red Cross supplies, to stripping and cleaning flood affected houses, and clearing debris from public areas. They even took on a project to provide a matinee and evening movie session in the town’s flood damaged theatre, stripping waterlogged seats and fittings, and

sourcing generators and refreshments for the occasion. 3rd Croydon Venturer leader Michael Smedley was there, and spoke to the local paper, getting his photo in there as well, along with Kerry and Kate.

There’s also a great write up from Mike in the Venturer newsletter Interchange, along with some more pictures of Scouting at work in the flood affected town!

Learn more about 3CV venturer unit, or get involved, at

Scouts trip to Rye

What a great weekend we had at Rye, an awesome bike ride, park visit and beach visit on Saturday and the weather fining up on Sunday so we could go to the beach.
You all did your bit on cooking/washing duty as well as putting up and packing away tents.
Special thanks to Jordann and Ben for volunteering to vacuum on Sunday.
Extra big thank you to all the adults who attended, without you the event could not happen.

Scouts Canoeing Cancelled

Unfortunately we were unable to canoe last weekend, too much rain! Chris and Lea went down to check the river at Warrandyte :

You can usually stand up in the Pound Bend Tunnel! The river at Warrandyte bridge was flooded over the walking path.

Scouts visit to Rye

Title: Scouts visit to Rye
Location: Staying at a beach house in Rye
Meet at the hall 6.30pm, we leave at 7.00pm.
You must have with you
-Health/Permission Forms.
-All equipment on list (see form below)

returning to the scout hall on 27th, arriving at 3.30pm.

Start Date: 2011-02-25
End Date: 2011-02-27

Information and Permission Form

Clean Up the World Day

On the weekend, 3rd Croydon Scouts joined Melbourne Water in a cleanup of waterways around the Croydon Wetlands area. Check out the mountain of rubbish we collected, including 2 shopping trolleys, a fire extinguisher and a car door!

3rd Croydon Scouts cleaning our waterways

Well done to the scouts and thanks to the parent helpers and men from Melbourne Water. What a great effort in Helping the Environment and providing Community Service. Scouts who joined in will have 3 hours marked off for Community Service and this will also count towards the World Environment Badge.